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Web Based Meeting Services: The Cutting Edge Of New Business

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Web based meeting services have kept many businesses afloat over the past few years. Simple to use and effective at getting things done in a quick fashion, web conferencing can rejuvenate any business. So how does it work?

As opposed to just making a phone call over the internet, web based meeting services allow you to make presentations, share the same computer screen, pass control of the mouse to individuals, and see your participants face to face. I probably don’t have to tell you, if you are using the software in a sales situation, seeing the prospective buyer’s facial expressions could make or break the sale.

The process of holding a web based meeting is really very simple. When you want to begin a meeting, you just need to notify everyone involved when it is taking place. They will download the software on their computers and login with a certain pass code that you will provide. It’s a piece of cake.

Another great thing is that everyone is responsible for when they show up. There are no problems holding up the meeting when someone is late. Also, a log book can be kept in case a vital person is late and they can privately review what they missed without the entire group having to catch them up to speed. With online conferencing you don’t really expect to have the usual problems, people stuck in traffic, plane delays, and the like.

Having web based meeting software set up in your business could really help your bottom line and keep your business at the cutting edge. Companies that neglect to utilize this new technology are, in essence, doing themselves a great disservice. The initial savings in travel costs are obvious, but the overall increase in productivity could allow your company to be at the head of the pack.

The Benefits of Choosing a Web Based Meeting

You probably already know that the Internet is the largest shopping location in the world, allowing people from anywhere to access items and services that were never available to them before; but, did you know that it is the world’s largest meeting place too. No, not social networking or dating sites, but meetings for businesses of every kind, big and small, non profit and sales and everything in between. Choosing to meet via a web based meeting rather than in person offers a lot of benefits to businesses of any type, especially in a tough economy like the US (and the world) is experiencing right now.
Award-Winning Business Class Phone Service

You can have a web based meeting a number of ways. You can choose to use a service that allows you to do a presentation, a training seminar, etc. while speaking to those individuals via telephone. Each person sits at their location while watching their computer. They will be viewing your computer (so be careful) and you present your information while speaking. They have the option to ask questions online via chat, or they can talk to you on the phone itself. You can use a traditional phone system, or VoIP, which is becoming more and more popular because of its affordability and flexibility.

Another option is through video conferencing. Video conferencing is an excellent way to meet with clients face to face, chat with employees that live in a different city, state or even country. It’s a great way to conduct a meeting where you address your stock holders, board members, etc. The more options you want to have when video conferencing, the more expensive the system will be. You can use simple web cams or you can go all out and have an actual video conferencing system installed in your office or your home.

The biggest benefit to using either of these methods is that you are going to save money. How? Imagine being able to meet with your entire staff, no matter where they are in the world, without having to purchase a single plane ticket or book a hotel room. The same thing applies to new clients, suppliers and so on. You can provide them with the face to face meetings that they desire without leaving the comfort of your office. These savings can be passed down to your customers, your employees or simply make it part of your own end of year bonus, the choice is really yours.

Web Based Meeting for Businesses

Companies in the know are moving out of the conference room and choosing instead web based meeting to cut costs and increase productivity.  It’s really a no-brainer when you look at it.

Face to face meetings can take too much time, require travel by employees or customers, and, let’s face it, suck the life out of your people. By using this new format, companies are able to not only save money, but also save time and energy by presenting information to everyone at the same time over the internet. What could be simpler?

So let’s take a quick look at why you might want to try this out in your business.

First off, and probably most importantly, setting up a web based meeting can totally nuke your travel expenses! Instead of flying out to Nebraska to meet with a client, the conference can take place over the Internet no matter where the two of you are.

Also, look at how much time and effort could be saved if you didn’t even have to  arrange for travel.  You could totally cross out planning the trip, as well as the actual flight or car drive.  Double that for the return trip. A web based meeting saves everyone time and can give your business the opportunity to meet the needs of clients in a more timely fashion.

How often have you heard your employees complain that getting together as a group can be boring and unproductive? The meeting has a start time, but people slowly trickle in around the correct time. If people are late, and you know this happens, it causes everyone else to be late for the rest of their day.

Also, people have a tendency to just sit around and shoot the bull about who just got kicked off of Survivor island until the meeting is about to begin which can also push back the start time. By setting up a web based meeting, your people are given an exact time to join in and the meeting begins immediately. No need for small talk.  Everyone just gets down to business. Now, the late employee only affects himself, not the entire group.

Sure, investing in this type of service does present an upfront cost to the company.  But the savings in time, money, and productivity quickly makes the decision well worth it. With more time to work and less time and money spent traveling, everyone has the ability to do things that were not possible in the past. Clients’ needs can be addressed in a more timely fashion and everyone feels like they are getting the attention they deserve.

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